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疲れは、体と心の密接なつながりによって左右されがちなもの。疲れを感じれば対策をとれますが、“遊び疲れ”といったような、感じにくい疲れは放っておかれがちです。 疲れを放置したままでいると、脳から体を休ませようとする信号が出るので、集中力や思考力が低下し、パフォーマンスが落ちてしまいます。疲労感によるQOLの低下はもちろん、無気力になってしまったり、また免疫機能が低下してしまうということもあります。


慢性疲労症候群(まんせいひろうしょうこうぐん)は、原因不明の強度の疲労が長期間(一般的に6ヶ月以上)に及び継続する病気です。この疾患の概念はアメリカで生まれたので、英語 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome や Myalgic Encephalomyelitis(筋痛性脳脊髄炎)、 Post-viral fatigue syndrome(ウイルス感染後疲労症候群)のアクロニムからCFS、ME、PVFSと呼ばれます。

アメリカ疾病予防センター (CDC) によると、完治は希で5%~10%であるものの、治療により改善したり、ある程度回復するとされています。日本では人口の0.3%にあたる約38万人がCFSを罹患していると推定されていますが、認知度の低さにより、適切な診断を受けていないか、うつ病・神経症・更年期障害・自律神経失調症等に誤診されている患者が多いと思われています。




■Chronic fatigue

"Tiredness", "pain", and "fever" are said to be three major alarms from the body. Without these, people may be able to work and play as much as they want, but their bodies will be in a serious condition. "Tiredness" tends to be missed or endured compared to "pain" and "fever". If you leave it alone without any action, fatigue will accumulate more and more, and recovery will take time.

Some fatigue is temporary, some can be recovered by rest or sleep, and some are chronic. The main causes are "lack of sleep", "stress", "undernutrition", and "disease". Sleep is the most effective way to get tired from the body and brain, but if you don't have enough time or poor quality, fatigue accumulates.

Stress can be physical and mental, but when both are in a stress edres position, you will feel tired. In addition, due to a displaced diet and disturbance of nutritional balance, nutrients that recover from fatigue cannot be obtained, and fatigue may be prolonged. You may feel tired or sluggish due to the effects of the disease and the side effects of the drug.

Tiredness tends to be influenced by the close connection between the body and the mind. If you feel tired, you can take measures, but it is easy to leave the fatigue that is hard to feel, such as "playing tired". If you leave your tiredness unattended, your brain will give you a signal to rest your body, which will reduce your concentration and thinking skills, and your performance will decline. In addition to the decrease in QOL due to fatigue, it can also become lethargic and impair immune function.

Take a healthy, restful meal every day, maintain a regular life rhythm, and eat a well-balanced diet. There is also tiredness to be eliminated by such a thing, but be careful if you can not take it. For fatigue that lasts more than six months, there may be another disorder hidden. In that case, it is recommended that you consult with a medical institution.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (Mansei Hirou Shokogun) is a disease in which fatigue of unexplained strength extends for a long period of time (generally more than 6 months). The concept of this disease was born in the United States, so English Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,, Post-viral fatigue It is called CFS, ME, PVFS from the acronium of syndrome (post-virus-infected fatigue syndrome).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cure is 5% to 10% rare, but it is said that it will be improved by treatment or recovered to some extent. In Japan, it is estimated that approximately 380,000 people, 0.3% of the population, suffer from CFS, but due to their low awareness, it is thought that many patients have not received appropriate diagnosis or are misdiagnosed for depression, neurosis, menopause, autonomic ataxia, etc.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include sudden general malaise, slight fever, headache, weakness, decreased thinking, mental, neurological symptoms, and so on, in people who have been in good health until now. Chronic fatigue syndrome is currently not an effective treatment in Western medicine.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome refer to the conditions of "qi", "blood" and "blood-blood" when analyzed in Chinese medicine. The air-inadelate type is more sluggish than energy. The energy is enough, but the flow is stuck, so the energy is not full all over the body. When this condition worsens, it becomes a "spirit" of lack of energy. It tends to cause tension and pain, and the pain increases when stress is strong. In summer, the temperature difference due to the outside heat and cooling tends to cause autonomic ataxia.

The blood-like type is in a state of full-body rustling due to lack of nutrition. The amount of blood is insufficient, and it is not possible to spread nourishment to the cell of the whole body. Therefore, the blood color is bad, hair and skin tend to dry, numbness of the limbs and dizziness are likely to occur, and it is not good at too much air conditioning. It can be said that it is easy to become blood collapse even after bleeding due to injury or surgery.

疲れとだるさがなかなか取れない人のための 慢性的な腰痛や背筋痛をなんとかしたい人のための
【全身すっきり気分爽快トリートメント】 【腰痛緩和トリートメント】
TOTAL 4 HOURS =\33000- TOTAL 4 HOURS =\33000-
つらい肩こりを少しでも楽にしたい人のための 目の疲れや頭痛が気になる人のための
【肩こり緩和トリートメント】 【フェイシャル&ヘッドすっきりトリートメント】
TOTAL 4 HOURS =\33000- TOTAL 4 HOURS =\33000-
冷えやむくみにお悩みの方のための 寝つきが悪くて困っている人のための
【冷えむくみ対策トリートメント】 【安眠熟睡トリートメント】
TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500- TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500-
便秘や肌荒れが気になる方のための 最近ちょっと肥満気味が気になりだした方のための
【デトックス美容トリートメント】 【ダイエット減量トリートメント】
TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500- TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500-
最近イライラすることが多いとお悩みの方のための 代替療法で病気を予防したい人のための
【イライラ緩和トリートメント】 【代替療法未病対策トリートメント】
TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500- TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500-
男性機能の衰えが気になる方のための いつまでも美しく若々しさを保ちたい女性のための
【男性機能改善マニッシュトリートメント】 【女性機能改善アンチエイジングトリートメント】
TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500- TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\49500-
子供が欲しい夫婦のための いろいろ試してみたい方のための
【夫婦で生殖機能改善トリートメント】 【タイ古式療法の寄せ集めトリートメント】
TOTAL 5.5HOURS =\99000- TOTAL 7 HOURS =\66000-
いろいろ試してみたい方のための いろいろ試してみたい方のための
【伝統医学・自然療法の寄せ集めトリートメント】 【エネルギーワークの寄せ集めトリートメント】
TOTAL 7 HOURS =\66000- TOTAL 7 HOURS =\66000-
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