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首は、およそ6kgもあるボウリングの球と同じ重さの頭を支えているため、長時間同じ姿勢を続けていると、首や肩の筋肉が固くなり、血行が悪くなり、首のコリや痛みを発生します。痛みだけでなく、 首は、体と、脳の神経・血管を繋ぐ重要な器官ですので、その部分の負担が自律神経にも影響を及ぼし、様々の症状を引き起こすことになります。長時間のデスクワークなどで、前のめりの姿勢を続けると、ゆるやかなカーブを描いていた首の骨(頸椎)が前方へまっすぐ伸びた「ストレートネック」になる場合があります。首と肩の筋肉はつながっているので、肩こりと首こりは同時に発生することが多いものです。


首は神経が集中し、身体と脳をつなぐ重要な部位でもあります。症状として、だるさ、めまい、動悸、ほてり、不眠症、耳鳴り、イライラ、憂鬱、不安感、落ち込みなどの症状が出ていたら、ストレスによるうつ症状が近付いている証拠。 「うつ」になる人の多くが、首にコリがあると言われているそうで、首のコリを改善することで日頃感じている「体調不良」「疲れ」が取り除けるかもしれません。


■Neck stiffness

The neck supports a head that weighs about 6kg, so if you keep the same posture for a long time, your neck and shoulder muscles will become stiff, blood circulation will deteriorate, and you will experience neck stiffness and pain. Not only pain, but also the neck is an important organ that connects the body and the nerves and blood vessels of the brain, so the burden on that part also affects the autonomic nervous system and causes various symptoms. If you continue the posture of the front, such as for a long period of time, the neck bone (cervical vertebrae) that was drawing a gentle curve may become a "straight neck" that extends straight forward. Because the neck and shoulder muscles are connected, stiff shoulders and neck stiffness often occur at the same time.

My neck is stiff, it hurts and I can't turn it, my arm is dire. The painful symptom related to such a neck is "cervical spine (kekii) disease". If it gets worse, numbness and pain will also appear in my arm. This is cervical spondylosis nepaliosis. The nerve that branches out of the spinal cord is compressed by the deformation of the vertebrae. Numbness, pain, weakness, etc. occur suddenly in one arm.

The neck is an important part of the nerve concentration and connects the body and brain. Symptoms include sluggishness, dizziness, palpitations, hot flashes, insomnia, tinnitus, irritation, depression, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms, evidence that depression caused by stress is approaching. Many people who become "depressive" are said to have stiffness in their necks, so improving the stiffness in their necks may remove the "poor physical condition" and "tiredness" that they feel every day.

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