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Singing bowl meditation
Singing bowl meditation is a meditation therapy for deeper meditation using a singing bowl. Singing bowls can be placed on the client's abdomen or back to provide vibration directly to the body, or placed around a lie down to provide continuous overtones. Clients can enter a deeply relaxed state (meditation state) with their body chakras activated. Singing bowls are a tool used in Nepalese Buddhism and Tibetan esotericism that began to be used before the fifth century. Seventy percent of our bodies are water. The sound and sound of the bowl resonate with this water, causing the stagnant ki at the cellular level to flow. When a lot of energy (ki) flowing into our body is stagnant, it is easy for the mind and body to get tired and to lose balance. The sound of the sound played by the singing ball purifies people, things and places, heals and activates chakras. It has a relaxing effect, stabilizes breathing and has the effect of relieving stress. The more you are mentally ill, the better. Meditation therapies that require mental care, such as "I can't keep my mind," "I'm not motivated," or "I'm tired"
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