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Yok Thong
Yok Thong is the secret of Thai classical medicine known as uterine ovarian massage. This is a treatment method for women only. It is a treatment method for women. It is a classic treatment that works on the uterus and ovaries and is expected to have a good effect on worries such as urination and cystitis. In terms of age, about 35 years of age, the uterus and ovaries begin to gradually descend due to gravity, which begins to add to the pressure on the bladder. In other words, pressure on the capillaries also slightly impedes blood flow. Then, it is thought that the dysfunction of the organ accelerates and the lymphatic function also becomes difficult to work, so that cystitis and the like are more likely to develop. It is exactly a treatment method that aims to prevent such gynecological diseases and alleviate symptoms. Activates the function of female hormones, prevents gynecological diseases, and has an anti-aging effect. Especially recommended for pregnant women.In Yok Thong, the pubic area is never touched during the procedure, and the client never reveals the lower body.
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