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Chi Nei Thang
Chi Nei Thang is one of the Qigong therapies that originated in ancient China. By simply relaxing the abdomen for more than 90 minutes, you can feel the warmth and energy coming from the center of your body. All five organs in Oriental medicine are centered on the stomach, but by activating the function of the stomach, the internal organs, it is a massage that promotes metabolism and promotes the detox effect. It is the belly that works best for defense instinct, but it works for better or worse because it is the part that affects the whole body.At first touch slowly. As you slowly move your energy in and out, you will end up with pressure so that your stomach sticks to your back. However, those who are suffering often take a rest, and do not have strong pain. 90 minutes! ? Most of you say that, but once you receive it, you can realize its splendor. You can see that a stomach massage will lighten your whole body. If you have a visceral disease, we may refuse it.
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