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Baby massage
Baby massage that touches the hands of soft moms and enriches the baby's mind and body. It seems to be relatively new, but even before the current baby massage was delivered, it was performed in each family as "Children's massage" in the Edo period in Japan. The advantage of baby massage is that you can communicate not only with words but also with the mind and senses by directly touching the baby's body. In the first place, "Skinship" reassures people, deeply remembers who they touched and the time they were touching, and fosters a sense of security and trust. By touching comfortably, you can enhance the relaxation effect of not only the baby but also the mom. Recently, it has been found that baby massage has a deep relationship with the development of cranial nerves. You can do this from a newborn baby, but do not apply any pressure and relax slowly. The muscles will develop from about 3 months, so apply moderate pressure.
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