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妊婦さん向けのマッサージがこちらのマタニティマッサージです。安定期に入った妊婦さんが安心して受けられるマッサージ法です。は妊娠初期から受けられる、妊婦さんと胎児に安全なマッサージです。母体と胎児に負担をかけない、横向き・上向きで全身のエネルギーラインに沿って施術を行います。タイ伝統医学における気の通り道「セン」を刺激し、気の流れを整えるのと同時に、血液の循環を良くしていきます。腰や背中の痛み・足のむくみ・肩こり・便秘・頭痛などの症状が緩和され、 リラックス効果も得られます。心と身体はつながっているので、心身を安定させることができます。固くなった骨盤周り・股関節周りの筋肉を、定期的にほぐしていくことで、出産時に赤ちゃんが通りやすいように骨盤が開き、股関節の動きがスムーズになり、出産が楽になります。妊娠初期から「マタニティマッサージ」を継続することで、精神面での疲労の軽減、出産に関わる筋肉のベストな状態、血流、体液、エネルギーの好循環をはかることができます。妊娠中も辛い身体ですが、出産後の育児もこれまた大変です。疲労の溜まる背中、腕、肩、腰を妊娠期からほぐしておくことで産後の負担軽減にもつながります。妊娠中のつらい症状を緩和し、出産も楽になり、お腹の赤ちゃんにも良い影響を与えるので、すべての妊婦さんに受けていただきたいケアです。

Maternity massage
This maternity massage is for pregnant women. It is a massage method that pregnant women who have entered a stable period can receive with peace of mind. Is a safe massage for pregnant women and fetuses from early pregnancy. The treatment is performed along the whole body's energy line, sideways and upwards, without burdening the mother and fetus. It stimulates the path of Sen in Thai traditional medicine, "Sen", and regulates the flow of Qi, while improving blood circulation. Symptoms such as lower back and back pain, swelling of legs, stiff shoulders, constipation, headache are alleviated, and a relaxing effect is also obtained. Because the mind and body are connected, the mind and body can be stabilized.By regularly loosening the muscles around the pelvis and hip joints that have hardened, the pelvis opens so that the baby can easily pass through when giving birth, and the movement of the hip joints becomes smoother, making childbirth easier. By continuing "Maternity Massage" from the first trimester of pregnancy, you can reduce mental fatigue, optimize the status of muscles related to childbirth, and achieve a virtuous cycle of blood flow, body fluids, and energy. The body is hard during pregnancy, but raising children after giving birth is also difficult. Relaxing your back, arms, shoulders, and waist, which can cause fatigue, from pregnancy can also reduce the burden after childbirth. It is a care that all pregnant women should receive, as it eases the painful symptoms during pregnancy, eases childbirth and has a positive effect on stomach babies.
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