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Konjac hot compress
Konjac hot compress is a folk remedy that absorbs waste products from the body and detoxifies it while transferring heat to the body by placing warm konjac in a place equivalent to the organs of the body like a compress. Konjac is a food ingredient that has been used for a long time to produce toxins from the body, which is also known as sand removal. With konjac hot compress, it is basically a simple treatment of heating konjac in a pot, wrapping it in a towel and applying it to the body, but konjac has a function of absorbing waste products in the body. Just warm the konjac in a pot, wrap it in a towel and hit it on your body.It is said to be good for gastrointestinal diseases, colds, fever, chronic diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, tuberculosis, and other fatigue. The client should take a rest while lying on his back and in a prone position, but it will take about 60 minutes each time. Konjac used for the treatment of patients suffering from major illness melts and shrinks the next day, and has a detoxifying effect, as it may smell putrid. I can do it myself, so I'd like you to try it out, so I'll write it for reference. First, boil two konjac pieces for about 10 minutes. Wrap it in a towel because it's hot. Lay down on your back, lay another towel on the liver and Tanda, and put the konjac on it.At this time, put a wet cold towel on the spleen (around the left flank) so that the temperature difference will appear. First of all, with this, a hot konjac hot compress of liver and Tanda is performed for about 30 minutes. The cold towels on the side warm up, so remove them in about 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, take the liver and konjac from Tanda and cool with a cold towel for about 1 minute. Next is the prone position. Place the konjac compress on the kidney (in the middle of the back). It is still warm and can be used as is. Place a cold towel on the spleen. This is also 30 minutes for the kidney and 10 minutes for the spleen. Take the konjac compress of the kidney and wipe it off with a cold towel.It seems that you can feel refreshed and lighter. This therapy, which is also recommended by cancer patients, is unique to Japan, but natural remedies are only effective if they are continued, so they should not require immediate efficacy. However, it is one of the recommended treatments as alternative medicine for preventive medicine. Before you suffer a major illness, maintain your health with a "konjac hot compress".
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