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オーガニックハーバル ボディスクラブ


Organic Herbal Body Scrub
A body scrub that removes waste and horny substances, and leads to moist, smooth and firm skin. It also promotes blood circulation, improves lymphatic flow, and reduces fatigue. By using body scrub, you can take care of rough skin and pores, and lead to smoother and softer skin than usual. Here we use powdered herbal powder. In addition to several types of herbs in Thailand, add seasonal vegetables and herbs for each season of Japan, and blend with base oil. We also use konjac potato and mandarin skin, banana leaves and egg whites.It is not a commercially available cream. It is prepared each time and used in advance. One of the treatments of ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda is "Udwartana".This is a treatment that uses medicinal herb powders and pastes according to the constitution. A herbal powder that rubs vigorously from the periphery of the body to the central heart. Herbal ingredients penetrate the body and stimulate adipose tissue. This treatment removes dead skin cells and promotes the burning of body fat. By receiving it continuously, it is not only a scrub effect, it also helps to recover from fatigue, and is a highly effective slimming treatment. It stimulates weight loss and cellulite loss, smoothes skin, promotes blood flow and lymph drainage, and has a detoxifying effect. You can expect the same effect with this Herbal Body Scrub Treatment. It is not always called "Udwartana" because it does not mean that you can lose weight with just one treatment, but you can expect the results by receiving it continuously.
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