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Foot reflexology
Although it is a very common reflexology, it is intended to improve physical condition by indirectly stimulating the reflex area, and utilizing the phenomenon that a specific part of the body changes when a specific part is pressed, fatigue Refers to therapies that improve your health. On the soles, there are many points corresponding to each organ called the reflection zone, but if this reflection zone part is dull or if the clogging of the lymph called "crystal" is seen, the organ that deserves it I think that there is a problem.The feet, also called the second heart, act as pumps by stimulating them by walking or touching them. Normally, blood pressurized by the heart does not reach the farthest foot. Enhancing the circulation of the feet leads to general health. For those who do not exercise regularly, stimulating the sole of the foot is a necessary treatment for maintaining good health.
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