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Body Care

Body care is a treatment for relaxing stiffness. Thoroughly relieve stiffness. This is a treatment method that involves rubbing and pressing to remove body stiffness. No oil is used, so there is no need to take a shower after the procedure. The therapist performs all hands without any tools or equipment. Light stiffness can be loosened with your fingertips or fingertips, but if stiffness is severe, use elbows or knees to apply strong pressure. It does not mean to massage the whole body, because it intensively relaxes the anxious parts and spicy muscles. When it's hot, it doesn't look good unless you loosen some stiffness aside. There are shops that say "massage starts with your feet" even though you say that your shoulders are stiff, but it's not such a stupid story. First of all, please relax and get rid of the hot spots. Your favorite strengths vary widely. Please order before and during the procedure.

* Because it is not a whole body massage such as Thai style massage which raises the blood flow of the whole body, some people may spill over. Massage is a condition in which muscles that have been loosened by a massage return to a greater hardness than before they were received. If you loosen it partially in a short time, it will be easy to rub back. Massage is a normal muscle reaction, so it is not a disease, but it can be very painful due to individual differences. It will be better if you use it slowly in the bath and warm it up, but some people will not. No responsibility can be taken here. If you absolutely want to avoid back massage, please order a whole body massage as a set after body care. If you slowly and slowly raise the blood flow of the whole body, even if you thoroughly loosen the stiffness, it will not be rubbed first.

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