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スピリチュアル バーニャ サウナ ウィスキング


Spiritual Bagna Sauna Whisking
Wisking is the act of tapping the body using a venik (a bunch of branches and leaves such as birch), and is said to have the potential to provide massage, blood flow enhancement, and sterilization effects. Massage performed in a Russian sauna. A bunch of birch, oak, and eucalyptus leaves, called Venik, is massaged by tapping or stroking as if to pay. It seems to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.The procedure is performed one-on-one with the practitioner and client. First, warm two bunches of Vennik with steam. Then, when Venik shakes the figure of eight in the air, it wraps the client's whole body with steam. Once you've been fascinated by the scent of Venik and the soft heat, start the treatment. At first, stroke it softly. Just rub your legs, belly, and chest as you sweat. Then, squeeze the whole body by squeezing the joints and armpits and pressing them tightly, or wrapping the whole feet in Venik and turning it like a stretch. When your body warms up, shake Venik in water and take a cold shower. About 10 minutes to here. After whisking, cool down your body in a water bath.Here, a spiritual whisking is performed after the sauna using the Japanese plant Sakaki. Evergreen tree of Sakaki and camellia family. The branches are often used during rituals and are also displayed on the shrine. Focusing on the kanji sakaki, it combines "ki" with "god". Sakaki is a tree that has a deep connection with God in Shinto. Sakaki seems to have a role as a shrine fence, that is, a god who descends. The sacred leaves of Sakaki, a sacred plant, purify with evil.
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