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Cool herbal oil treatment
Cool Herbal Oil Treatment uses a chilled herbal ball to massage the whole body while using oil. Ideal for aftercare after exercise. Yoga, walking, and sudden muscle pain are the treatments you would want to receive. Performing a cool-down after exercise can remove fatigue substances. As you continue to exercise, your muscles build up fatigue substances.If this fatigue material accumulates, it can lead to muscle pain. Cooling down has the effect of removing the fatigue substances and has the effect of promoting recovery from fatigue. Muscle pain is a condition in which the muscles of the body are damaged. It is a mild inflammatory condition with a little fever. In order to quickly release the heat of this inflammation, it is basic to cool first. After that, when calm down, it is important to warm up to activate blood flow and accelerate cell regeneration. When heated, the exhaustion of fatigue substances accumulated in the muscles is accelerated. Metabolism is activated.Leaving tired muscles after exercise will definitely reduce your potential. For maintenance such as athletes, it is essential to cool and warm. Cool Herbal Oil Treatment can also be recommended as a cool down during the hot summer months. It's a hot and terrible heat that often comes to mind, but please try to prevent heatstroke. Relaxing effect is also excellent with herbal effect.
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