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Banana therapy
"If a banana peels and eats, let's throw it away!" That idea is a thing of the past. In fact, banana peel contains a variety of nutrients. Even if the banana peel is green, yellow, or brown, it contains beneficial ingredients for the body. In particular, whitening, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects are remarkable.Banana therapy starts from the shower. Once you've sweated, apply a massage treatment to rub your skin while polishing the body using the inside of a banana skin for whitening, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects. Banana peel is rich in skin-requiring ingredients and minerals, which can help reduce inflammation, help breakouts, and improve healing after acne. It is also effective against insect bites, not only itching, but also redness and itching. It is said that ingredients contained in banana peel suppress the growth of bacteria and fungi, and can effectively treat skin itch and athlete's foot.Banana peel, rich in potassium, is effective in removing salt. After the whole body treatment, use banana wrap to wrap the body around with banana leaves to further enhance the moisturizing effect. The ingredients penetrate into the skin while you rest slowly for 15-20 minutes while wrapping the whole body in banana leaves. When you wake up, rinse your body with a shower and finish.Banana skin contains the serotonin, a happy hormone that maintains a hormonal balance between mood and emotion, which also acts to control the depressed feelings of the brain. It is a nice point to be able to achieve a beauty effect at the same time when you are tired. Please experience the tropical tropical mood full of banana therapy.
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