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Hot stone therapy
Hot stone therapy is therapy that uses stones. Stone has been used for therapy in various parts of the world. Stone therapy, like botanical therapy, is one of the natural remedies that use something close to you. The method used varies depending on the area, but it seems that it was mainly used to warm or massage the body with a heated stone. Ayurveda (India) has a history of using stone for marma points (TSUBO) for more than 5,000 years, and in Hawaii Kahunas have used lava for healing massage.In northern China, there is a treatment using a stone called "hen stone", a treatment that warms the body has developed, and moxibustion and warm stones have been used to improve pain and cold. Native Americans used sun-warmed stones in sweat lodges (steam baths) to encourage cleansing and to apply to the lower abdomen during menstrual pain.In Japan, Onjaku has been used as a “healing” for pain and as a substitute for moxibustion. In addition, stone is not only used for the body, it is thought that it has a mysterious power. Stone has the power to program or produce energy, and the stone itself is believed to have its own vibrations and affect the interacting partner.Various stones have been used as "power stones" for amulets, religious ceremonies, and healing. Stone therapy, which is now widespread, was developed by Marie Nelson as an extension of Native American. The stone used here is basalt. Basalt is a slowly solidified lava erupting from a volcano. The stone is warmed from 50 degrees to 60 degrees, and the body is warmed by the far-infrared effect obtained from it. It is easy to understand for those who have taken a rock bath, but since the effect is similar to that of a rock bath, the body stays warm for a while after the treatment.It is also characteristic that massage is performed while warming the body, which is more effective than ordinary hand massage. Massage using hot stones is said to be more effective than regular hand massages, from 3 to 7 times. There are two ways: putting warm stones on the prone part of the disorder and warming the area from the core, or using massage together with oil, but both are performed during the treatment time.
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