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Ear reflexology
The ear pot is a folk remedy that has been in the Lions region for a long time. After hearing the story of getting better, I got interested and started research. As a result, in 1957, it was announced for the first time in the world that the ear acupuncture point was projected in an inverted shape of the fetus. Since then, Chinese medical scientists have been studying, and it is said that it has now become the form of more than 200 ear canal treatments. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved 360 acupoints. Since the ear pot emits parasympathetic nerves and regulates autonomic nervous system, it is the best treatment for symptoms such as sleeplessness and mental fatigue. It stimulates acupuncture points of various diseases such as eyestrain, stress, insomnia, stiff neck, stiff shoulder, eyestrain, beautiful skin, constipation, hormonal balance, etc., and enhances immunity to help beauty and health.
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