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Hand reflexology
On the palms and soles of the feet, there are parts called "reflection zones" that are closely connected to various organs of the body. Hand refre is a method of stimulating the "reflection zone" in the hand to transmit stimulus to each organ of the body and to bring out the natural healing power, immunity and resistance inherent in humans. In addition, the `` reflex section '' is a part where the peripheral nerves connected to the internal organs and each organ of the body are gathered, so while the foot pot massage stimulates a specific acupoint with a pinpoint, the reflex section is more Is a little wider, and you can get the effect by rubbing this part with your finger pad.The reflection area is the same for both hands and feet, so the basic effect of hands and feet remains the same. But the effect is different. Hand reflation, which stimulates the reflection zone of the hand, is easy to feel the effect on the upper body, especially recommended for those who are feeling tired, and those who are suffering from stress and insomnia. It is said that foot reflex, which stimulates the sole, is easy to feel the effect on the whole body.Also, when you have a foot reflex treatment, you often have to take off your socks, so some people are concerned about the smell and stuffiness. For such a person, let's make OK hand reflation only by treating the palm. In the case of hand reflexology, it is a nice point that you can receive the treatment as it is. It is possible to sew between busy jobs and receive it in a short time.
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